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Reference No. MIM

Ref: MIM
Role Overview
To effectively develop and manage all aspects of the Reserve. This will include the standard; Park management & Infrastructure, Counter-poaching, Research & Monitoring, Building a Constituency for Conservation, Tourism once in place and, Administration, Human Resources and Finance
Client Description:
Our client is a non-profit organisation that takes total responsibility for the rehabilitation and long-term management of national parks in partnership with governments and local communities.
Our client currently manages more than 12 parks in different African countries
Duties & Responsibilities, KPA:
Infrastructure development

  • To initially construct a basic forward operational base to be equipped with stores, communication equipment, a small workshop accommodation and office space from where the park can be managed.
  • To construct an all-weather access road from their existing park to the new park.
  • After establishing the protected area boundaries to open a boundary road that corresponds with the actual protected area boundary.
  • To open a road network inside the protected area.
  • To construct a basic all-weather access road to the interior of the protected area to serve as the logistical backbone to support ranger teams in the wet season.
  • To construct sufficient airstrips, including all-weather airstrips, to allow aerial support.
  • If necessary, ensure dry season water access for wildlife by enhancing existing waterholes.

Law Enforcement

  • To select and train a small ranger team for initial law enforcement operations in the protected area.
  • To initially stop nomads from entering the protected area. This will have to be handled sensitively through sensitization rather than by force.
  • To put in place a basic rotation schedule to ensure 24/7 presence in the protected area.
  • To be involved in the daily patrol deployments from the Control Room in order to be on top of the anti-poaching patrols.
  • Once possible to do regular surveillance flights.
  • To provide the park manager with a monthly report on the law enforcement effort.

Conservation, Research & Monitoring

  • To initially record all wildlife animals found in the protected area and to create an animal and bird species list.
  • To ensure firebreaks are put in place at the end of the wet season to protect the protected area from fires started outside the area.
  • To eventually put in place the necessary preparations to receive wildlife from other parks for translocation.
  • To monitor the movements of any translocated wildlife through satellite tracking.
  • Building a Constituency for Conservation
  • Through sensitization meetings inform all nomads upon arrival at the beginning of the dry season of the protected area boundaries and the benefits of having a protected area.
  • Through regular community meetings inform the sedentary villagers of the protected area boundaries and the benefits of having a protected area.
  • To assist the sedentary villages and the nomads upon their arrival with basic education through a schooling system similar to the elephant school project run by one of the parks.
  • After careful consideration, and within the guidelines of the development plan for the Melfi area, provide seasonal water for the nomads outside of the protected area.


  • Build and maintain good relations with the local authorities in the area.
  • Ensure a motivated staff through team building initiatives and incentives when and where necessary.
  • Properly plan the use of shared resources, like earth moving equipment, with the PM.
  • Any other duties as requested by the park manager.


  • To provide the park manager with a standard format monthly report by the latest the 5th of each month on the activities in the protected area.

Other conditions:

  • Final employment will take place after the satisfactory completion of a 3-month probation period.
  • Proficiency in the French language.

Key relationships

  • Park Manager and Management Team in the neighbouring Park.
  • Regional law enforcement staff.
  • Local authorities


  • Good relationships with all stakeholders.
  • Necessary infrastructure in place to manage the park and provide logistics for the law enforcement team.
  • Zero nomads entering the park and any poaching activities contained.
  • Certain key wildlife species translocated and settled in.
  • Local communities buy in to conservation as the best form of land use for the area.
  • Motivated staff.

Education & Experience Required:

  • Able to communicate in French.
  • Qualifications in protected area management;
  • Experience in protected area management;
  • Experience in counter-poaching, preferably military or police background;
  • Infrastructure development experience.
  • Ability to work in remote area on his/her own – can get along on their own away from other people with the bare minimum. The Park does not have any permanent structures and will continue to be a lonely place until it becomes a National Park and the full unit compliment is employed;
  • Practical development experience – the top priority for the FOM is to put in place the necessary infrastructure (roads, airstrips and bases);
  • Initiative – self-starter able to get things done and solve problems with minimal oversight;

Benefits and Contractual information:
Location: Chad
Reporting to: Park Manager (PM)
Direct Reports: The entire Park operation as part of the greater strategy
Start Date: to be discussed
Salary: Neg.
Duration: employment contracts run for 3 years, with the possibility to renew
Benefits: Emergency evacuation and hospitalization medical insurance, Group life and disability cover for up to 6X annual salary, 21 days leave (excluding max of 4 travel days) for every 100 days worked, 3 return economy class return flights annually to home country (if expat),