Uganda Country Director (Manager / NGO / Agri / Donor Grant / Fund / smallholder farm), Jinja, Uganda

Uganda Country Director (Manager / NGO / Agri / Donor Grant / Fund / smallholder farm), Jinja, Uganda

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Reference No. MIM

Reference Number: MIM


Job description

Our client now URGENTLY seeking a truly exceptional professional with 7+ years’ work experience. He/She will serve in a high level and long-term position that combines both field and management experience.

As the Country Director, you will have full ownership over the country program, make a significant contribution in building up Uganda and have a lasting impact on the country.

Your job will be very entrepreneurial, and you will create tangible social good for Ugandan smallholder farmers. As a key leader you will get world-class management exposure and will be connected to an international organization that has staff based across 4 continents.

You will work in a truly multicultural environment and the Uganda team has a very diverse leadership team including people from within and outside of Uganda.


Client Description: Our client is a non-profit organization that supplies smallholder farmers in East Africa with asset-based financing and agriculture training services to reduce hunger and poverty.

Our client’s operations in Uganda are rapidly expanding. In 4 years, they have grown to serve over 13,000 farm families with more than 230 full-time staff. In the coming years, they will at least quadruple in size, while adding several new products and services. Their approach has won widespread validation, winning grants from the highly competitive Echoing Green and Skoll Foundations, and the global Financial Times/ IFC award for "basic needs financing" in 2010 and 2011.




Lead Impact

  • Lead the Uganda operation and generate impact for Ugandan farmers across the country by overseeing all major Divisions of the program.
  • Steer product and process innovation for the Uganda program and increase impact year-over-year.


Lead People

  • Manage senior-level Division Heads directly, guide their decision-making and ensure their rapid and meaningful career growth.
  • Ensure meaningful career growth for all Uganda staffers by ensuring professional development initiatives are implemented across all job grades.
  • Support the recruitment for high-level positions and ensure values-based hiring decisions are made.
  • Steward team morale and keep staff satisfaction high by implementing team initiatives and regular feedback mechanisms.


Lead Strategy

  • Facilitate decision-making at the highest strategic level for Uganda, together with the Steering Committee.
  • Ensure all major decisions contribute towards Uganda’s long-term vision.
  • Identify and drive key strategic priorities for Uganda such as financial efficiency and program expansion by implementing strategic projects contributing towards those priorities.
  • Ruthlessly prioritize and intentionally say ‘no’ to projects that are not a strategic priority for Uganda.
  • Lead the annual planning process, which includes the setting of Objectives and Key Results and the annual budgeting.


Lead Communication

  • Communicate openly and transparently with direct reports and across the team, particularly around major decisions made for the program.
  • Present the work of the Uganda program within the organization and particularly amongst Growth Countries, in the Country Director Working Group and to General Partners.
  • Be the face of Uganda and present the program to external parties such as government, parastatals, donors and others.


Requirements: Qualification and Skill

  • Truly extraordinary professional with 7+ years of work experience and ideally a demonstrated passion for international development.
  • This is an extremely competitive posting for a business/ management-style position.

  • Mission-driven individual that can 100% align with the company values in putting farmers first.
  • Strong general management skills and ability to manage a wide range of topics across different teams.
  • Experience in implementing financial efficiency measures strongly preferred.
  • Strong people management skills: The ideal candidate has managed 3+ people directly and led a team of 10+ people in previous roles (Please indicate your people management experience in your application).
  • Proven track record of leading and guiding teams to make high-level decisions in an effective manner (Please include 2-3 examples in your application of when and how you have lead and guided high-level decisions)
  • Strong leadership experience and ability to lead a team in setting a vision, annual strategy and goals and hold everyone accountable to it.
  • A willingness to commit to living in Jinja – this is a long-term, career-track role. The ideal candidate will have at least one year demonstrated experience working in the developing world, although this is not a strict requirement.
  • Ugandans strongly encouraged to apply.


Benefits and Contractual information:

  • Preferred start date – ASAP
  • Duration – Minimum 3 years commitment
  • Compensation – Offer modest starting salary that affords a high quality of life, performance-based raises and the ability to expand responsibilities over time.
  • Benefits – Health insurance, immunizations, flights, housing